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Temporary Enrollment Problem

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Temporary Enrollment Problem
by Aaron Kerr - Wednesday, October 25, 2006, 12:44 PM
The general network outage that occurred on Tuesday afternoon, October 24, caused a temporary problem with the enrollments in Moodle.  A process runs hourly in Moodle that synchronizes class enrollments with the Registrar's database.  When Moodle was unable to get data from the Registrar's database during the outage, it caused the very unexpected result of removing all existing Moodle enrollments for Fall 2006.

I apologize for this problem.  Shortly after the network came back online, the sync process ran again and restored Moodle to its proper status.  I have now made a change that will prevent this problem from happening again in the event of a network outage. 

If any problems persist with your courses in Moodle, please contact the helpdesk at 7303 or send me an email at